Friday, May 19, 2006

The most pitiful little patient

Cali had surgery today to remove an infected plate from another surgery she had in January. I swear she is thinking "you did this to me again?" She has taken over the couch.

I took her to our vet, Dr. Please be my BFF, on Wednesday to see if I was crazy to be worrying about her never-healing incision or not. I love her for telling me that I paid too much for the original surgery for her to be having this much trouble and that we needed to go back and see the surgeon (also no charge for our visit to her). She even offered to call if they wouldn't get us in quickly. Thursday we saw the surgeon. He said that she needed to have surgery ASAP and scheduled her for the next day. I hate having a sick dog, but I hope that she will have an uneventful recovery this time.

Wednesday morning she was running around in the park playing ball and putting full weight on her bad leg. Tonight when Dr. BFF called to see how surgery went, she said it's amazing that she didn't show more signs of the huge infection going on in her leg. No temperature, no reduced activity, nothing.




At 7:19 PM, Anonymous E. said...

Oh no... I hope your puppy is up and about uneventfully as well. It's so heartbreaking when our little creatures aren't well and we can't make it better immediately.

Thanks for stopping by. As I left in my comments, the Chartreuse was just terrible. Stick with the vino, my friend.


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