Friday, June 16, 2006

Girlz gone wild

My sister, niece, and I all went to Cabo last week. Yes, in fact, we did let my 19 year old niece drink while we are there, why do you ask? I don't think my sister was so keen on the idea, but I pointed out to her that she let me drink when I was 16.

The point of all trips that we go on together is diving and we did have a great dive at Cabo Pulmo in the Sea of Cortez. No photos of that because we didn't remember to buy an underwater camera, and I, personally, just like to look at things and feel a mild sense of euphoria when I dive, rather than trying to record it all for later. We did see a few memorable things: a school of 100s of rays, a giant eel who could have swallowed my head, a school of jacks, and a school of puffer fish. Another group diving near us had to abort their dive when they were circled by eight bull sharks. At first I thought it would have been cool to see a bunch of sharks, but later when I heard the circling part of the story I was glad that I missed out. This lovely dive was followed by a lovely beach-side late lunch that may have left me with a small case of "Why am I such an adventurous eater in third world countries?"

More photos later.



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